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Dec 13

AMFAS salutes National Guard families on 376th Birthday

  To all our National Guard families, Army and Air, today is your day. On Dec. 13, 1636,the National Guard came into existence with a direct declaration by the Massachusetts

Apr 11

New Site Added To More Great Sites – Our Military Kids

I just recently was introduced to this organization and their website from a family therapist who regularly provides guidance and support to Our Military Kids. In the military community, especially those who have dependents living with autism who are i…

Dec 14

Happy 375th Birthday National Guard!

American Military Families Autism Support wishes a Happy 375th Birthday to America’s National Guard. To our part- and full-time citizen Soldiers and Airmen defending our great nation, we salute you. To our Guard families dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorder, we are here for you. Thank you for your service and thank you National Guard for [...]

Jul 09

A Week in the Life….

So where was I all week? Well, we were booked with appointments for the boys all week. At least two a day until today. Well, today was technically two appointments, but it was at the same doc, so we only had ot make one stop and be seen once.
We squeezed in checkups, ABA therapy, the… read more »

May 05

How Deployment Affected This Military Spouse

I got a pitch to review a book. I explained to the rep that I couldn’t read the book, but I’d still love to feature it because I think there are enough of you who read here that would be interested in hearing about it. It really looks interesting. It looks like the type of [...]

Feb 20

This is Why We’re AGR

When talking about going back to active duty, we had two options. We could go federal active duty and move all over creation, or we could wait until an AGR (Active Guard/Reserves) job opened up and stay in our state (active Guard). There were many factors that influenced our decision. At the time, my husband’s [...]

Feb 02

National Guard and Reserves On Site Sales – Commissary

Reserve component members we can use the commissary like any other military member or spouse. One problem we have though is that we don’t always live near a post or base with a commissary. The commissary has come up with On Site Sales to help bridge that gap. They help bring some of the commissary [...]

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Jan 11

Does EFMP Really Work?

I guess we’re about to find out. My husband will be teaching through the school year.  His orders go just a bit beyond that, but really, they’ll want to get someone new in and get them on the ball before the fall semester starts. It’s January. The kids graduate in May. I know that’s five [...]

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Jan 05

Tax Day Extended

Yep, you read that right. This year you get an extension until April 18th to file. It seems that April 16th is Emancipation Day, but even though it’s on Saturday, DC is observing this holiday on Friday, April 15th. According to tax code, filing day can’t fall on a Saturday or Sunday. Also, National Guard [...]

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