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Nov 08

Dear Autism “Community”: Do You HEAR Yourselves?

These are REAL comments on Autism Daddy’s facebook page concerning Jerry Seinfeld’s recent disclosure that he might be on the autism spectrum: Melissa P: “As the mother of a very high functioning Aspie, I was very offended by Jerry Seinfeld’s self diagnosis. I saw his stand up once and saw beneath the veneer of his […]

Apr 29

A Friendship That Means So Much

An unexpected package came in the mail today and it brought tears to my eyes and joy to Brian’s eyes. Life is busy and hectic!  Many days I’m just trying … Continue Reading →

Apr 03

Autism Awareness Month – April 2014

Please join me an those around the world in support of Autism Speaks’ “Light it Up Blue” autism awareness campaign this month. Click on this link for details on how to do it!

Jan 23

I Forgive You

I forgive you. The most powerful words we have in our hearts.  They embody Love in its most defining and intimate moment.  Forgiveness is Love – the most powerful, the essential energy of life – and with three simple words, “I forgive you,” we can experience and share the absolute of Love.  Fear is the […]

Dec 11

Painting for Autism Awareness

Over the weekend, The Munchkin’s ABA school partnered up with a local children’s museum, EdVenture, to do a community art project for autism awareness. The museum has this mascot, of sorts… Eddie, and the kids at The Munchkin’s school all painted puzzles pieces of Ed’s face. We got there about half an hour after the […]

Apr 26

Army Spouse Creates Autism Walk, 150 Signs, to Raise Awareness at Joint Base Lewis-McChord

  by Dena Radcliffe Guest Blogger    I am an Army wife and mother of four. My husband and I are stationed in Fort Lewis, Wash., and we have one

Jul 29

Manchester Schools Refuse to Maintain Transportation Monitor. Oh. And Chicken Bones.

If you haven’t been around for the fun, please read THIS, THIS, and THIS.

May 01

The Hangover 2012

The last guests have gone.  Empty bottles litter the house and the yard is a wonderland of crisp white toilet paper dancing in the wind.  My head is pounding and my stomach has left the building – more than once.  The cat is missing and I have no idea how many days have passed since [...]

Apr 05

Military Families Find HOPE Aboard USS Intrepid

New York – On Saturday, March 31, Autism Speaks honored military families living with autism aboard the USS Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum.  My head is still spinning and I am still processing the HOPE I stumbled upon that day.  I have so much to tell you and I want to share this HOPE [...]

Mar 26

April is Autism Awareness Month AND Month of the Military Child

I’m over at the Autism Speaks Official Blog today talking about the complex issues facing access to autism care for military families and why HR2288 – Caring for Military Kids with Autism Act is so critical.  April is coming and there are so many ways to get involved in spreading awareness whether blue lights on [...]

Feb 17

You’re a FIVE-Star in My Book

One-click YOUR kick-ass advocacy skills at CMKAA.org.  Tell your US Rep to sign on to HR2288 Caring for Military Kids with Autism Act. Hooah.

Feb 09


This afternoon we experienced a freak episode that was outside of normal.  For us.  But I could not shake the thought of how normal it actually felt. RM came home off the van from school and we proceeded through the ritual of taking off our shoes, hanging up our coats, washing hands, putting on a new pull-up [...]

Jan 07

One Year Anniversary for Pathways In Autism! Goal Setting Time!

I want to wish you all a happy and successful 2012!!! I can’t believe it has been a year since my first post on this blog. It is my hope that something that was written was helpful to someone who is caring for, parenting, loves or knows someone w…

Jan 02

MIB are coming to get me now

Hi. I am pretty confident I am on a few different ‘Watch Lists’ by now.  But I’m ok with that.  Our military kids are worth it. So humor me before I am dragged away in the middle of the night by Men in Black with night-vision who drive dark Suburbans with tinted windows. Sign the White [...]

Dec 11

Why 1 in 88?

Since I began advocating for military kids with autism, the question I am asked most frequently is:  Why are the rates of autism higher for military kids?    Is it chemical exposure?  Vaccines?  WTF? The rates are not necessarily higher, my friends.  It’s complicated. But I will start with the statistic itself and how it came [...]

Dec 04

An All-out RANT on Apathy

Hi. My name is Rachel Kenyon.  I live in Connecticut and I am a proud army wife… blah blah blah.  I am pissed. Why? Jess at Diary of a Mom summed it up pretty well, “The hoofbeats ain’t comin’ my friends, we ARE the cavalry.”  Yesterday, I devoted an entire Saturday to working on the [...]

Nov 13

Put Down Your Hammers

RM isn’t quite there yet.  Surely, she will always be unique.  But right now, at 5-years-old, she is safely tucked away at an outplacement ABA program that caters to exactly who she is.  There are only square pegs there.  From staff to students.  All square pegs.  It’s a safe space for her to learn how [...]

Nov 05

She Never Runs Alone; Blue-Hairs Run Pretty Fast

Tomorrow (November 6, 2011) is the ING New York City Marathon. Two of my very dear friends are running.  One is a beautiful, blonde, hot Warrior Mama who is literally carrying ALL of our kids with her.  She never runs alone: My other dear friend, Luau, is running with BRIGHT, BLUE HAIR.  He has been [...]

Sep 07

#WordlessWednesday Autism Fashion Photo Essay

Sep 06


  “Do you think she will still be doing that when she’s older?” Hmm.  I guess deep down in my heart, I do.  But I don’t want to upset the SGM or discourage his hope, so I craft a careful response. “Well, I think she will always be expressive with her hands.  I don’t think it [...]

Jun 01

ASD Behaviors, Communication Deficits and Law Enforcement

I just read this today on from Autism Speaks blog. It is a story of a young, 19-year-old man on the spectrum who appears to have been misinterpreted by a law enforcement officer. The officer was in the are investigating a report to lookout for a young …

Apr 03

Marking a Change in Pace Today!

Hello all, Firstly I want to apologize for the absolute halt of postings on this blog. On top of the legal battle our family was having with our local school district over my son’d IEP and program, we had to … Continue reading →

Apr 02

World Autism Awareness Day

I was informed yesterday that today is WORLD Autism Awareness Day. I guess yesterday was just a practice run? Just autism awareness in the US? I don’t know. Honestly, I’m still new to all of this. We’re just a little over a year since our oldest was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. Sure we were trying [...]