Daily Archive: April 1, 2012

Apr 01

Autism Awareness Month: CNN iReport from me:)

Friends,CNN challenged me (as a parent of a beautiful little girl with autism) to share what autism is “like”.  I could write a book on what Bella’s does, how she acts, or how it makes life different and often difficult for us but, I won’t.  …

Apr 01

Autism in pictures

For the month of April which is Autism Awareness month and the Month of the Military Child, I will be posting a pic of my little military brat who suffers with an autism diagnosis. Hopefully, this will give a visual peek into our daily life with autism.

Apr 01

Hip hip, how do you spell horray?

I haven’t blogged in a while because, well, I couldn’t type. That’s what will happen when you have your hand sliced open and your carpal tunnel snipped. Then my fingers swelled so big i couldn’t move them and I was SURE they were going to explode. L…