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Mar 31

It’s Autism Awareness Month

Are you ready to LIGHT IT UP BLUE tonight? I am!
If you didn’t know already, both of my children have Asperger Syndrome which is a form of High Functioning Autism.

April is Autism Awareness Month and April 2 is World Autism Awareness Day.

For more in…

Mar 30

Autism Squeaks

I have not liked Autism Speaks simply because other Autism moms and Dads have said that they are just a giant corporation that don’t pay attention to the vaccine autism epidemic, and they are supporting science that is funded by pharmaceutica…

Mar 30

Reflecting on Christ….Holy Week

Taken from the PWOC International Facebook….. How will you spend this last week before Resurrection Sunday? Think on the things Jesus Christ did between the time He rode into Jerusalem on a donkey and the people praised Him – to when He interacted with people preparing for Passover and overturned the money tables – to [...]

Mar 29

Evolution of Friendship; Easy to Difficult

When we’re little;
Your at the park playing, another child your age arrives, you start to play together and your instant best friends.
It’s easy, simple, effortless.

As children get a little older;
You ask the other child their name and ask, do you…

Mar 29

My aspie branches out

I was walking completely unaware of my surroundings until the shades of this trees hit my feet. What a beauty. It was sitting alone, in between buildings in a parking lot on a hill with its roots exposed. I don’t know why but it reminded me o…

Mar 28

Leaving Maryland to start our Trip Out West

I have been meaning to make this post for a few weeks now but getting settled has taken up much of my time.  So let me start at the beginning We left Fort Meade Maryland to travel to Washington, my husband was getting assigned out here for his job. PCSing always has so many emotions for [...]

Mar 27

Peeping Tom ~ Wordless Wednesday ~ Link-up

I feel so violated… For over a week now every time I take a shower there is someone peeking in at me… She walks back and forth between the curtains peeking in at one end then the other.
I have intentionally splashed a bit of water on her when she s…

Mar 27

Let’s ACT Today!: We Run for the "Ones"

Let’s ACT Today!: We Run for the “Ones”:Five years ago my husband and I became first time parents to a beautiful baby boy. We lovingly gave him a strong name that passed the “at bat” test. Carter Jackson, definitely a name worthy of a great basebal…

Mar 27


Words from Bella’s mouth take my breath away.  Here are few we caught on video.  She doesn’t speak much unless asked (or coerced), however she can literally say any word.  I found her with some picture cards the other night.  She pi…

Mar 26

April is Autism Awareness Month AND Month of the Military Child

I’m over at the Autism Speaks Official Blog today talking about the complex issues facing access to autism care for military families and why HR2288 – Caring for Military Kids with Autism Act is so critical.  April is coming and there are so many ways to get involved in spreading awareness whether blue lights on [...]

Mar 26


Most of us at some point or another will experience the joys of waiting.  As a military wife, we experience that constantly.  Since my husband and I married, here are just some of the things I have waited for: *Wedding Reception (we eloped so this came later) *Honeymoon (after the reception…finally! LOL) *Pictures of the [...]

Mar 25

The Un-logical Logic of the LOT

I have been dumped headfirst into this group of people labeled “The Anti-Vax” group, not by choice- although if I had to decide- I would have decided long ago that I wouldn’t vaccinate anyone in my family- simply because the risks of damage are too gre…

Mar 25

From One Honest Mom To Another

A couple of years ago, right after Mike Huckabee was running for president, I won a raffle on an Internet site titled ONE MOM. I wont give you the link to her site- if you really want to go find it you can for yourself. I was happy …

Mar 25

National Medal of Honor Day recognizes valor, heroism

It comes of untold heroism, against peril of warfare. Service members are not awarded this honor; they are bestowed it. It is the Congressional Medal of Honor, the highest military

Mar 25

National Medal of Honor Day recognizes valor, heroism

It comes of untold heroism, against peril of warfare. Service members are not awarded this honor; they are bestowed it. It is the Congressional Medal of Honor, the highest military

Mar 24

I want to punch this deployment in the face…

Preparing for the departure of your military spouse is tough.How do you prepare for half of your family to be away for 7-10 months? Well, at the Earls house we’ve been ensuring all of our bills are on auto-pay so I (Annie) don’t have to worry about fun…

Mar 23

In my Head

Many thoughts have passed thru my head this week. Its been one of those weeks where even though I have much going on, I can reflect just a couple of minutes at a time and Thank God for what He has given me.

Here are some things that I have b…

Mar 22

AIT at The Davis Center

Isaac received a scholarship from Act Today for military families. I am happy that he got this- but apprehensive, because the stress is coming!
 I really want him to get the AIT – I have wanted it for a long time for him.
He is non verbal, and I t…

Mar 21

Trouble with Facebook…Bullies again

Facebook. What can I say.I was happy that W had friends period.But it has come to bite me in the behind. Facebook…W posted a drawing of a picture. Not his own, but he put it up. Maybe he took credit or maybe he didn’t.He took it down right away, but …

Mar 20

Fantastic Fridays coming in April.

We are probably going to loose the much needed 15 hours a week of ABA- since medicaid changed some rules that say we cant have our sons attendant while he is getting ABA- so by  bye ABA- from Medicaid.

So in Apr…

Mar 19

Sleepless in Abilene

Lately well since about the time change I have stopped sleeping. I mean I get sleep but not like I used to. I can lay in bed and just not unwind enough to sleep. I have come to the point of only getting 1 to 2 hours and not waking up completely exhaust…

Mar 19

Pictures Tell stories Part one

Mar 19

Prayer is Powerful

Prayer is indeed powerful so here’s my request… If you took the time to visit this blog today, I ask that you pray for our Isabella.  She is making much progress with her new ABA therapist and in school as well.  She is also experienci…

Mar 19

Funding Cuts, thanks Obama

I have been feeling the cuts lately- particularly in the area where my son needs respite. he has been in an intensive home therapy system, for much of what – he does- I am there- and then here is the “respite” that&nb…

Mar 19

Flip Flops, Combat Boots, and stuff…….:)

  I love flip flops. I can honestly say that I feel so comfortable in a nice pair for walking or just lounging around. I love to just slip them on my feet and run errands and run in and out of the house. My husband usually is in combat boots as a Soldier.  He [...]

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