Dec 19

Ready for Christmas?

Are you ready for Christmas?
Is your shopping done?
Are you done wrapping?

The inside of my house has been decorated for weeks! We did not have any lights or decorations to put up outside... We had a lot of lights at one point but are now down to only three sets of lights all of which are on the tree, two of them are short and all blue (the lights I also use to "Light it up Blue" in April for Autism Awareness month) and the other set is regular colors.

I blame Hawaii for ruining all our lights, because two years ago we went crazy decorating outside (although it was military joint family housing) but we had 3 windows, around the front door and the fence covered in lights as well as icicle lights from the roof awning! Many strands of lights, and two lighted reindeer. None of which work anymore... Part of it may have been the light sets we bought were not good quality, but I also think the hot humid weather in Hawaii was somehow harsh on the lights and caused them to short out.

I want to try to get some decorations for outside on sale just after Christmas so that next year we can go crazy decorating outside!!!

I still have LOTS AND LOTS of wrapping to do... Haven't wrapped anything yet... Also, all the family sends gifts in the mail and none of them have wrapped anything... UGH! So, I told Hubby we are going to have a wine drinking wrapping party this weekend!!!

Dec 18

Killing Lions {Review and GIVEAWAY}

Killing Lions

I thoroughly enjoy reading books written by New York Times best-selling author John Eldredge and his son Sam.  This father and son team are Christian men who don’t sugar coat the Word of God in their writing.  When I was asked by Family Christian Bookstores to review John and Sam Eldredge’s latest book, I did not hesitate at the opportunity!  Truth be told, I had no prior knowledge of the subject, but I based on previous books I’ve read by John and his wife Stasi, I just knew I would enjoy this book, too.

What is the book about?

The Challenge Before You Is a Bold One: To Accept the Wild, Daring Adventure of Becoming a Man

We want to be self-sufficient.  Find our own direction as we pursue our dreams.  Know it all and never ask for help.  Isn’t this how most guys approach manhood?  On our own, pretending we are doing better than we really are?  But sooner or later the thrill of independence gets lost in the fog of isolation.

It’s time to take the pressure off. We were never meant to figure life out on our own.

This book was born out of a series of weekly phone calls between Sam Eldredge, a young writer in his twenties, and his dad, best-selling author John Eldredge.  Join the conversation as a father and son talk about pursuing beauty, dealing with money, getting married, chasing dreams, knowing something real with God, and how to find a life you can call your own.

Killing Lions is more than fatherly advice.  It is an invitation into a journey: either to be the son who receives fathering or the father who learns what must be spoken.  Most important, these conversations speak to a searching generation: “You are not alone.  It’s not all up to you.  You are going to find your way.”

My Thoughts?

Have you walked through the aisles of a bookstore recently (and by recently I mean within the past 10 years)?  Have you noticed the multitude books geared towards men?  More specifically, the books geared towards being a father?  Many of these books give advice for fathers to teach their sons about life.  These life lessons are good, but they’re often given in a subject format.  You’ve probably read things like teaching your son to honor God, understand the value of a dollar, and show them how to treat women, just to name a few.  However, these books rarely give examples or advice in starting these conversations or carrying on these conversations.  For example, my husband is an excellent teacher and mentor, but he is also battle hardened after 20 years serving in the military and is somewhat rough around the edges when speaking to boys instead of men.  Although much of this is due to his service, but most of it stems from an absence of a father figure when he was a young boy.  In John’s book “Wild At Heart” he says, “A man without a father figure is like an explorer without a map.”  Killing Lions is a follow up to “Wild At Heart” as father and son join together.  This book is based more on conversations between a father and son sitting around a campfire talking.

The theme is the importance of this book.  Men and boys are much different.  They act different and think different and, unfortunately, neither come with an instruction manual!  LOL!  Thankfully we have writers like John Eldredge and his son Sam to offer insights on both fathers and sons.  Topics that are covered include career choices, doubting and dating.  This is a great book to pass on to your sons as early as their teen years.  I plan to save my copy to give to Clay to read and then hand it off to my oldest.

I appreciate how this book is written to help young men who are leaving boyhood and transitioning into being a man.  Not just turning 18 but venturing into marriage and a career.  I know a lot of books out now deal with teens, college, marriage, jobs, and the list goes on.  However, this is the first book I’ve read that deals with this season of life for young men.  It was definitely a hit for me.  This is an excellent resource for anyone with sons or those who work with young men.  I give it a 5/5!

Click below to enter the giveaway!



***I was given this book by Family Christian stores in hope that I would share my thoughts on my website.***

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Dec 16 {Why you need this resource!}

I must have been living under a rock because I had no idea how fantastic Yearly membership was until I was asked to do a review!  I have been a follower of The Old Schoolhouse Facebook page for almost 7 years but, for whatever reason, I never applied for membership to the teacher’s resources.  They say hindsight is 20/20, but apparently I lacked any sight over the past 10 years!  I have wasted precious time running in circles for other resources!

What makes this online resource better than the other resources I have used?  First, it is MOBILE!!!  Hello Laura’s brain!  As long as I can connect to wifi, the kids could use their computers or any mobile device.  Basically, we had the ability to take school mobile.  Do you know how handy this would have been while moving across country as much as we did?  Hello, Laura’s brain, is anyone home?  The numerous times I watched or read an advertisement about, I have no idea why this didn’t click in my head.  It must’ve been that rock I was living under.  As I mentioned, we are a military family and saying that we move ALOT is an understatement!!!  What could come in more handy than mobile school for those cross-country moves?  I wish I had this five years ago!!!

Of course, very few things in this life are free (unless you shop at Costco on a Saturday and take advantage of the “freebies”).  A fee is associated with this resource that can be paid monthly or yearly.  Let me tell you that it is well worth it, ladies!  What resources come with this SchoolHouseTeachers?  I’m glad you asked.  Some of the resources you will get with your paid subscription are:

  • Pre-K/kindergarten Resources
  • Middle/High School Resources
  • Family/For Parent Resources
  • Daily Resources
  • Resources, Resources and more Resources!!

That’s a very generalized explanation of the resources, right?  Allow me to elaborate on these wonderful resources.  Listed under each of the above categories on the website are a plethora of subcategories!!!  Each age group has almost an endless amount of options.  Is your child interested in music?  You will find music theory lessons.  Do you need a supplement for history?  You will find many options on the website.  Regardless of the topic, the difficult part for you is choosing which supplement you would like to use.  A particular supplement I was personally drawn to is “American History: Colonization” for my younger kiddos.  We have been studying American History and this is a perfect resource for us! Review
What subjects/topics are offered through  Again, another great question.  Some of the topics you will find resources on are:

  • Art
  • History
  • Music
  • Nature
  • Science
  • Literature
  • Foreign Language
  • Lapbooks
  • Writing
  • Home Economics
  • Algebra for Kids
  • Math
  • Preschool
  • Charlotte Mason
  • Architecture
  • Geology
  • Mock Trial
  • Career Exploration
  • Reading
  • Sewing
  • Public Speaking
  • Videomaking

Those are just a few that are offered!!  I could literally spend the entered day from sundown to sun up talking about the resources offered to you for your child.

Don’t feel left out parents because has some resources for you, too!  Parent Resources include:

  • College Choice Guidance
  • Music-Theory
  • Music-Voice
  • Nature
  • Special Needs Resources *(as a mom an Aspergers son, this resource is nothing short of wonderful!)*
  • ASL Adventure
  • Family Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Whole Foods Cooking
  • Monthly Menu Planning
  • ESL resources
  • Kinetics Review
I have had my fair share of planners throughout the years, but none has seemed to be exactly what I wanted.  I have been looking for a wonderful planner that will actually work for me.  On, there are so many options!  Here are a few:

  • Schoolhouse Planner
  • Special Needs Schoolhouse planner—This planner even has charts for dietary needs and behaviors among many other wonderful features!
  • Primary Schoolhouse Planner—This planner is designed to help your student learn how to get organized and foster budding independence.
  • Intermediate Schoolhouse Planner—Perfect for 5th-8th graders!
  • High-School Schoolhouse planner—Helps your student stay organized and encourages them to embrace organizational skills that will prepare them for life after high school.

I want to touch on the Primary Schoolhouse Planner a bit more.  IT IS FABULOUS!!!  I have already started using this with Bookworm (my oldest).  For those who don’t know, he has Aspergers (very high functioning) and ADHD.  He is definitely not the most organized child by nature.  This is a skill that his Dad and I have really tried to work on with him.  I never thought about printing him out a planner.  When I browsed through this planner and downloaded it, I was honestly blown away be how detailed it was.  I don’t think they forgot a single detail.  You can tell this product was designed by homeschool moms for homeschool kids!  If this was the only resource that I received from, it would be worth every penny!  Some of my favorite parts outside of helping me get my son organized was the chart on the Life of Christ, Grammar and Spelling Charts, and the explanation and examples of Award winning books.  You just have to see it to believe how lovely it is!

I emphatically recommend for every homeschool family!  I am so thankful that I have been blessed with this amazing resource and I encourage you to check it out too!

The only thing left to do is visit the website and create an account.  I can assure you that you will not be disappointed.


Now I have some very exciting news!!! is having a huge sale right now and through Christmas Day at 11:59pm ET. 40% off the monthly membership ($7.77/month) or 50% off the Yearly Membership ($64.26/year). Homeschool families who join at this rate will keep it forever as long as they maintain a continuous membership.

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Dec 15

On the FOURTH Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me……

Wisdomantics Graphic


Wisdomantics is a new game that I was recently asked to review.  I am looking to add more games to our collection for older kids like Bookworm, so I jumped at the chance.  When I received the box it sat there tempting me until I finally shifted our homeschool schedule a bit so we could take the afternoon off and play it!

Wisdomantics–New King James Version (NKJV) is an interactive DVD board game for players of various faiths who desire to gain the vast wisdom of King Solomon.  Wisdomantics-NKJV utilizes the proverbs of Solomon and blends chance, knowledge and strategy to create a fun experience while you learn!  The game’s intent is to bring individuals together to learn how to cope with numerous situations in a fun and relaxed environment.  Inside the box you’ll find 2 interactive DVDs with 400 questions, score cards, blessing cards, and more!


The game is recommended for ages 12+ and, although Bookworm is only 10, I figured he would probably be okay because of his vast knowledge already.  However, the age recommendation didn’t deter me from including my younger two (ages 7 and 5).  Who says you must always follow the recommendations?  LOL

Here is how WE played the game:

I knew that Bookworm was well enough advanced with the Bible that he could lead a team.  I partnered him with Turtleboy (7) while I partnered with Nemo (5).  We had so much fun!  I also took this opportunity to remind my boys the value of teamwork.  Pairing up is a great skill and it teaches kids AND adults to work together as a team.  Valuable tool!

As we set up the game, I was impressed with how organized the game was made.  I was also impressed with the number of contents that comes with the game.  It isn’t a cheap game at all!  After we got it set up and began to play, Bookworm definitely held his own.  What was that age recommendation again?  LOL!  However, what I wasn’t prepared for was how well my younger two played!!!


One player begins with the question card and that player chooses their question.  Depending on how many tries it takes that player to correctly answer determines what happens next.  Once that player’s turn is over, he/she passes the question card to the next player and they choose their question.

Nemo (my 5-year-old) was answering questions right and left!!!  Thank you AWANA!!!  Many of the scriptures that were in the clue were AWANA verses!  However, the boys had never been put to the test, so to speak, as the “fill in the blanks” answers required by this game.  It was so neat to see how all their hard work learning verses for many years paid off.  This is year #8 for Bookworm.


We thoroughly enjoyed this game!  Usually my boys don’t want to team up, but they enjoyed pairing up on this game.  Teaming up was a great alternative for us so that we could include the younger kiddos!


I give the game a 5/5!!!  It was wonderful!!! To order visit HERE for the Wisdomantics website! :)  If you would like to read the other posts in my Boardgame series click HERE.  Also, I am thrilled to be able to offer a giveaway of this game!!  YAY!!!  So click below to enter.

In Christ,


Board Games-Series-FOURTH

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Dec 15

Modest Monday: Saying “See Ya Later” to the Army

Saying See Ya Later to The Army

You could say that when I married my husband I also married the Army.  The Army provided us the opportunity to travel throughout the country, but the Army also took away opportunities because of deployments and training exercises.  Through the good and the bad, there it was.  I have never been one of those wives you hear about on social media sites complaining or, better yet, calling my husband’s command complaining about his work hours.  Nor have I been one of those wives who wore my husband’s rank on my chest thinking I was better than the wives of his Soldiers.  I have never regretted my husband’s service to this nation and we have had some trying times.  I can’t tell you how many birthdays, anniversaries, Thanksgiving, Christmas, recitals, graduations, and other special events he has missed because of “mission requirements.”  I always knew he would miss out on a lot of my and the kids’ lives.  Missing out on these things affected both him and I a lot.  He was ready to call it quits after 12 years of military service.  Yes, you read that correctly!  Mentally, he was done.  This was about 8 years ago and it was time to make a major decision—re-enlist to stay in the Army and retire OR cut ties and move on.  He already made his decision and was preparing for life after the military.  It was me who pushed him into re-enlisting.

Army Life-31

Our Wedding Day—Remember we eloped :)

Army Life-26

(The Wedding Ceremony we eventually had—complete with swords!)

We had two young boys at the time and I was pregnant with my youngest.  This was also around the time when the housing market crashed, we were in a recession and good jobs were scarce.  Actually, just about any job was hard to come by.  Once he told me his decision, I worried day and night.  I worried about money.  I worried about bills.  I worried about where we would live.  I worried about jobs.  I worried and worried and worried.  With the Army, though separation was always difficult, I didn’t have to worry about those things.  He even told me that maybe I wasn’t trusting God enough when I voiced my concerns about us “throwing those boots over the wire.”  I am sure there was a lot of truth to that statement.

Army Life-1

(Us in Ohio when hubby received his Recruiting Ring—it is the highest Award for recruiters)

Army Life-2

(Us going across the stage after hubby got his ring. I got a Spouse certificate. FYI I was VERY VERY pregnant with our youngest who was VERY VERY large. lol I needed a wide load sign)

Army Life-3

(Nemo at work with Daddy)

Needless to say, in the end we made the decision to stick it out.  The last 8 years since Clay reenlisted on the Block O in The Shoe (Ohio State football stadium) have been a mixture of many emotions.  I have had a love-hate relationship with the Army.  Despite the deployments, overseas tours, trainings, military separations, and long hours, I have been incredibly blessed.

Army Life-13

( I call this a football field—Clay calls it Block O. Regardless this is where he reenlisted for the last time. :))

During my time in Ohio while Clay was an Army Recruiter, I met some wonderful people.  My friend Melissa is one of those wonderful people.  Despite the distance, we have remained in contact with one another and I have been blessed to call her friend.


(My friend Melissa and her hubby Zach. Zach served with Clay and Melissa and I became good friends. Shhh don’t tell her but I stole this picture! :))

My sweet friend Beth has been one of my best and dearest friends who I also met in Ohio!  We have been able to keep in touch and even see each other a few times over the years.  Her hubby and mine are also good friends.  Regardless how much time passes in between seeing each other,  it’s as if no time has passed when we come together!  I never understood how my husband could carry on a conversation with one of his military friends whom he had not seen in years, but acted as if they were talking yesterday.  Throughout my friendship with Beth, I finally understood how he was able to do that.  I truly love that part of military life – making friends that last forever!!!

Army Life-27

( My friend Beth! LOVE her!)

When we moved to Fort Bliss, Texas, my husband deployed within 2 weeks of us signing for our house.  The days that lead up to him leaving were spent unpacking late into the night.  He spent hours doing what he could do turn the house into a home before he left.  There was no last minute date nights and no romantic moments.  We were both exhausted.  We also had three young boys.  My youngest (Nemo) was only 6 months old and if you recall from HERE and HERE, Nemo had been very sick.  It was a heavy load to bare between my husband leaving, my oldest (Bookworm) recently diagnosed with Aspergers and my youngest with his health concerns.  I went through a whirlwind of emotions every hour of every day.  I was mentally and physically exhausted.  I was still attending to Nemo’s needs.  Bookworm had reached his most severe point.  I was thousands of miles from friends and family and we couldn’t travel.  One day I had to go to ACS (Army Community Services) and while I was there I saw a flyer for PWOC.  I hadn’t even considered going before but I was drawn to the flyer.  However, I loved my time at Fort Bliss.  It was there I was finally able to get Bookworm the help and services that he needed.  It was at Fort Bliss that Nemo began to overcome his problems.  It was at Ft Bliss that I first attended PWOC (Protestant Women Of the Chapel).  If you would like to read the history on PWOC click HERE. Also, watch the following video:


(PWOC Ft Bliss TX)

The first day I attended PWOC, I found myself in the Bible study class led by my sweet friend Diana Jeurgens.  In case you didn’t know, she also wrote Wife of a Soldier, a Journey of Faith. The Bible study focused on being a Godly wife.  You can read more on the Bible study HERE.  This study was really what I needed!  The ladies were discussing how to be a Godly wife and mother.  I lost it.  My frail emotional state became noticeable as the tears flowed down my cheeks.  It wasn’t long before I was surrounded by sisters in Christ who were praying for me, hugging me and just being there for me.  These sisters were my rock throughout my husband’s deployment.  They brought me medicine and sprite when we were sick; brought us food when I couldn’t go to the store; held my hand, laid hands on us, called me, and, most importantly, befriended me.  I love these ladies and will always have a special place in my heart for each one of them.  During my time in PWOC, I was afforded the opportunity to attend Regional conferences.  What an amazing blessing and opportunity!


(One of our many delicious meals at PWOC Fort George G Meade, MD)


(Me and my friend MaryLee a PWOC Sister from Fort Meade)


(Me at the Regional Conference in Maryland)


(Nothing like the power of prayer-PWOC Regional Conferance)

I have attended PWOC from coast to coast since leaving Fort Bliss.  Each PWOC is different.  However, I often get the opportunity to reconnect with ladies because of the military!  The common connection between these ladies of faith has been our love for God.  During my time in Washington I took probably my favorite Bible study—-EVER.  My friends Jeannie and Carriann led the study on being the Bride of Christ.  You can see the study HERE.  We studied Jewish traditions and customs and wove the New Testament and the Old.  It was an absolutely beautiful study and I was so blessed to be a part of it!  One of the things that made the study so beautiful was that fact that Jeannie was born Jewish and raised Jewish.  She later became a Christian and has such a testimony.  She offered so much knowledge in the study that I am forever grateful.

I was blessed to travel with PWOC from Washington to Nashville, TN, for our International Conference.  I met wonderful PWOC ladies who were stationed all over the world that came together to worship our wonderful God.  It was one of the most amazing, Godly experiences I have had.  What I didn’t realize at the time was that would be the last International Conference.  Unfortunately, when the military begins budget cuts, religious activities are usually hit hard.  PWOC falls under religious activities and the organization was cut drastically. Thankfully, the ladies there have such a love for Christ, they have found ways to keep it going.


(PWOC Conference Nashville, TN—with my friend Heather who is a PWOC Sister from Fort Meade!)


(At PWOC Conference in Nashville with Diane. She is a Sister from PWOC in Fort Meade, MD. She went to the church we attended in MD, helped us with AWANA when Clay was commander, and taught the boys piano!)


(Trudy and Me in Nashville—She is  PWOC sister when I was at Ft Bliss, TX)

I often tell ladies that PWOC saved me.  I was on the brink of a nervous breakdown.  I truly believe with all my heart that God put that flyer exactly where I could see at the exact moment I needed to see it.  God led me to the ACS building and put me in front of that flyer.  One of the great things about PWOC is how this group of ladies help a new spouse (either new to the Army or new to the Army post) bond and connect with other Godly women with each PCS.  If you are a military spouse, I urge you to find your local PWOC and begin connecting with Sisters in Christ.  You will not regret it.  These lovely ladies volunteer so much of their time for women like me and you.  They are the definition of “pay it forward.”


(During Praise and Worship at the Nashville Conference)


( I was doing an Advent play at PWOC—not preaching lol)

Naturally, when I visited my husband in Korea, I really wanted to attend PWOC at his location.  I love the PWOC, just don’t ask my hubby what he calls it! LOL!!  Clay found their FaceBook page and researched their meeting times and location.  He told me he would go to the gym while I went to my “hen meeting.” :)  It never dawned on me that this would be the last time I would attend PWOC as an Active Duty spouse until I was there.  When I walked in and sat down in the chapel, I felt such peace.  Peace I had not felt since we left Washington because most churches outside military towns just don’t know what to do about us.  Don’t take it the wrong way because I have met some great ladies in churches not close to military towns.  You can read more about that HERE.


(PWOC Yongsan Korea)

Anyway, as I sat in the chapel in Korea, the thought of this being my last PWOC as an Active Duty spouse finally hit me.  I am excited to be buying a house, excited to be finished with deployments and separations, and excited to know my husband will be home at a decent time and watch the kids grow up.  As much excitement as I have about these things, I am going to miss some of the things I will be losing.  PWOC is one of those things.  It is ironic that my last time attending PWOC was also my first time attending PWOC in a foreign land.  The very first time attending in Korea, yet the very last time as Active Duty Army Spouse.  I managed to somewhat keep myself together though. LOL  Everyone was so nice and the Bible study was beautiful.  JUST beautiful!  I was gifted with Korean chopsticks which was incredibly nice!  They introduced me and I spoke to the ladies about how bonding the PWOC has been for me.  They were glad I came.  I had many say they would be praying for me, for us, as we transition.  I believe they will because I know the ladies from PWOC.


(PWOC Yongsan Korea)

When Bible study was over Clay meet me at the Chapel and took some pictures.  The thought of no longer attending PWOC as an active duty spouse finally hit me with the force of a Mack truck.  Walking across the parking lot I cried.  I grieved.  It was like burying a friend.  PWOC has brought me through some of the hardest times of my life, has held my hand through the “See ya laters” and the “Welcome Homes.”  PWOC held my hand in the happy times and the sad times.  I have grown in my faith, been challenged, and been loved.  I am incredibly sad to say “see ya later” to that season.  I know that I will probably attend on occasion as a retired spouse, but it’s not the same and a totally different season of life.

After we left PWOC we ran over to another meeting for Clay.  Here we had to fill out some financial paperwork before he could be given his retirement orders.  We figured that it would be a while yet before he got those final orders.  In this meeting we asked about the orders and as soon as we signed the financial papers, Clay was handed his official retirement orders.

Korea-US Army Garrison Yongsan-retirement orders

(Clay getting his retirement orders)

There it is.  After 20 years, many moves, a LOT of states, several countries, several deployments, ups and downs, happy and sad, waiting, waiting, waiting, promotions, ceremonies, formals, parades, and PTSD—-just like that we had final orders.  Just like that the end was in our hands.  Just like that, 20 years of life on one sheet of paper.

Army Life-30

(Clay during his first deployment to Iraq)

Army Life-5

(Handmade sign made by a neighbor for Clay’s welcome home from his second tour to Iraq)

And then I cried….again.  I cry now not because I am not trusting God, it is because I trust Him that I cry.  I know that through all these years God has kept us in His care.  We have not moved to one place that He hasn’t ordered.  We have not taken one step that He wasn’t there to carry us through.  I am no longer worried about post Army.  Although this transition will be a huge adjustment, I know that whatever happens, God will not leave us nor forsake us.  He does not have plans to harm, but to prosper.

Army Life-10

(When we were in Fort Meade, Clay won NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer) of the year. This was all the awards and such that he got at the ceremony)

Army Life-9

(Us at his Ceremony for NCO of the year)

It is now less then 120 days before Clay comes back from Korea.  I will probably share next week a HUGE announcement for us post Army life.  I know that in every step though that God has led us!  I will continue to do what Diana Jeurgens suggested in her book and “Bloom Where I am Planted.”  The Army has taught me a lot of things and I am incredibly blessed for those lessons to take into post Army life.

Army Life-32

(Us at our church Christmas play in Washington. Awesome church with awesome people)

So join us in prayer as my husband “throws his boots” over the wire and we bid a fond farewell to the United States Army.  Almost to the day of Clay’s final day on Active duty, my nephew will leave for basic training.  The circle of life continues.  We will be there for his graduation from basic training, Lord willing, and my husband will critique his uniform, his salute, and pretty much everything else. :)


(Timothy is a senior in High School and a member of the Jr ROTC. He has already enlisted in the Army and ships out in June)

I know for Modest Monday I usually feature what I wore. This post contains MANY outfits! LOL So I am just going to talk about what I wore to PWOC while I was in Korea. :)

Headband: Lilla Rose


Dress: Bought at The Gap—now tip to making sure a dress like this is long enough when you are my height(5″7)—order a Tall!

Tights: Fleece lined! It was cold brrrr

Socks: Boot socks from Sam’s Club

Boots: Bear Claw from the Exchange

Jacket: Jean jacket bought at Old Navy for half off!

In Christ,


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Dec 14

What We’re Currently up To: Week 53

This past week, we’ve been…


The Bean has started dancing on his own a little bit, and it’s so cute. If he hears a song he likes while he’s sitting somewhere, he’ll start swaying back and forth, jamming to the music. I love it. We went to a burger place with some friends for lunch and a Michael Jackson song came on the overhead speakers. You would have thought it was the greatest thing he’d ever heard. So good.

This past week, we were cooking some cake pops. Or, I guess we really baked them, but that wasn’t the prompt. And actually, I only used one set of sticks, so we kind of made doughnut holes? But you get the idea. The boys really love helping me bake, and I should really do it more often, but I’m not exactly a baker. They like mixing and pouring though, so I should get over myself and work through it. Maybe I’ll become a baker!


I was stressing about The Munchkin losing one of his beloved Gabbas (and of course, NOT one of the ones we have extras of…) and was about to buy another one online, when our friends came over, Toodee in hand. I was so relieved. I knew he couldn’t have left her in a store or something! Normally, if the Gabbas come out with us, they stay in the car. The only exception is when we go to a friend’s house. I should have known.

I have been clearing clutter out of the rest of my house, and putting it into either my bedroom, or the craft/guest room. This needs to stop. I need to stop being satisfied with the rest of my house being clean, and start focusing on my bottomless pit/disaster zones of those two bedrooms. For reals. My mother in law is going to be here in eleven days. This will not do.


I’ve been sharing my elf on the shelf pictures on facebook, mostly so John can see them. I’ve been surprised at how many adults have commented to me (in person, no less!) about how much they love the pictures and captions though. One FRG friend said that she looks forward to it the updates like a blog, ha! It’s pretty cool to think that people actually care about our little deployment elf, and it makes me want to up my game a bit!

Pictures: The boys decorating cake pops | The Bean & his BF coloring | When we met Prancer! (He’s real!)

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Dec 14

On the Third Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me……

Board Games-Series-third


I was asked to review uKloo and I am glad that we did!  Here is what Amazon says:

Combine thinking skill with physically active fun with this riddle solving game.  uKloo Riddle Edition is a game for 7 and up that boosts reading comprehension, builds problem solving skills, enhances logic and reasoning, develops decision-making and encourages writing.

From the uKloo website:

  • Great for kinesthetic, or hands-on, learners (boys often fall into this category)
  • Offers physical exercise—an alternative to sitting still with a book or computer monitor
  • Builds problem-solving skills
  • Builds confidence
  • Promotes independent learning and play
  • Boosts reading comprehension
  • Offer an alternative to books
  • Encourage problem solving
  • Supports logic and reasoning


My Thoughts:

We loved it!!!  uKloo is a very engaging treasure hunt game that will get your child thinking as it combines critical thinking skills with hands on fun!  It will also boost reading comprehension and the riddles are very clever.  It isn’t often you get a game that is fun, educational and also has teachable moments that extend far beyond the game.  Kids also have the opportunity to make up their own riddles!  While the kids are playing what they do not realize is how much they are learning!  They are building language and critical thinking skills that extend far beyond the game.

The age recommendation for uKloo is ages 7+.  However, my youngest, who is 5, was able to play and understand the game.  The recommendation by the company is just that – a recommendation.  Depending on the development of younger children, I don’t see any problems in including them in this game.  Again, that is at the discretion of the parent because they know more about their child(ren) than anyone.

The cards are divided into three categories.


We used level one for my youngest, level two for my middle son and level three for my oldest.  My oldest, who normally likes much harder games, really enjoyed the riddles!  I was happy that the whole family could benefit from this game.  The boys already have asked to play it more than once.

Another added benefit to this game is the riddle writing guide!  It will take your child on a learning adventure and teach them how to write their own riddle!  As a homeschool mom, I give uKloo an A+!!!

Need a gift for Christmas?  Looking for a game to add to your library?  Want a game to challenge your children?  Try this wonderful game!  You won’t be sorry.

In Christ,


*** I received Ukloo through Tomoson in hopes that I would share it on my website. The opinions expressed our my and my families alone.***

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Dec 14

Sassy Steals Gift Card Giveaway Winner

And the winner is… Rachel Johnson! Congrats, girlie! I’ve emailed Sassy Steals, so someone should be reaching out to you shortly with the details. Thanks to everyone for entering!


Dec 13

Watch For the Light: Readings for Advent and Christmas

Watch for the Light Graphic

Advent – my favorite time of the year!  What is there not to love about Advent?  My husband and I read Advent stories to the boys, the boys read Advent stories to me and my husband and, sometimes, the boys read Advent stories to one another.  No matter who is reading, no matter what activity we are engaged in, the focus remains on Christ.  I also enjoy my personal Advent time reflecting on God’s amazing love while reading my Bible.  One of my favorite books I read from in addition to my Bible is Watch For the Light: Readings for Advent and Christmas.

What is this book about?

Though Christians throughout the world make yearly preparations for Lent, there’s a conspicuous lack of good books for that other great spiritual season: Advent.  However, this four-week period leading up to Christmas is making a comeback as growing numbers reject shopping-mall frenzy and examine the deeper meaning of the season.  Ecumenical in scope, these fifty devotions invite the reader to contemplate the great themes of Christmas and the significance that the coming of Jesus has for each of us – not only during Advent, but every day.  Whether dipped into at leisure or used on a daily basis, “Watch for the Light” gives the phrase “holiday preparations” new depth and meaning.  Included are writings by Christoph Friedrich Blumhardt, Sylvia Plath, J. B. Phillips, Friedrich Wilhelm Foerster, Henri Nouwen, Bernard of Clairvaux, Kathleen Norris, Meister Eckhart, St. Thomas Aquinas, Karl Rahner, Isaac Penington, Madeleine L’Engle, Alfred Delp, Loretta Ross-Gotta, William Stringfellow, J. Heinrich Arnold, Edith Stein, Philip Britts, Jane Kenyon, John Howard Yoder, Emmy Arnold, Karl Barth, Oscar Romero, William Willimon, Johann Christoph Arnold, Gail Godwin, Leonardo Boff, G. M. Hopkins, Evelyn Underhill, Dorothy Day, Brennan Manning, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Romano Guardini, Annie Dillard, Martin Luther, St. John Chrysostom, Giovanni Papini, Dorothee Soelle, C. S. Lewis, Gustavo Gutiérrez, Philip Yancey, J. T. Clement, Thomas Merton, Eberhard Arnold, Ernesto Cardenal, T. S. Eliot, John Donne, Gian Carlo Menotti and Jürgen Moltmann.

My thoughts?

This book is absolutely extraordinary!  It is filled with wonderful pieces of literature works, all compiled into a very easy to read Advent study.  There is a reading each day starting on November 24 and ending January 7th.  I particularly appreciate the fact the readings begin before December 1st.  I don’t know about you, but reading during Thanksgiving week seems to prepare me for the Christmas season with Christ at the forefront.  It also builds my anticipation and excitement for Advent —-the coming of Christ.  With the commercialization and political correctness of Christmas season on the rise, it is so important for us to take time to pause and reflect on the true meaning of the season.

One difference I noticed with this “devotional” that makes it unique from others is the fullness of the entire devotional.  When I speak of fullness, I don’t mean to sound like I’m degrading other devotionals because I’m not.  I have read some pretty amazing devotionals.  But, what I mean by fullness is many other devotionals have left me hanging and craving for more.  Many seem to abruptly come to an end, yet I’m looking for more in the devotional that I can chew on and help carry me throughout the rest of my day.  Watch For the Light: Readings for Advent and Christmas fills my spiritual gas tank and lasts throughout the rest of the day.  I’m not left with a void or a hunger that I had with many other devotionals.  The readings are superb and leave me feeling content as I reflect on God’s awesome love for me.  They also are not overwhelming.  I dare to say that it is a perfect balance!

With all the children’s Advent studies and Christmas books we read throughout the season, this is a breath of fresh air for parents.  However, this isn’t a book just for parents!  It is for any adult that wants to seek a closer relationship with Christ, especially during the hustle and bustle of this season.  I recommend this for anyone!!!  I give this book a 5/5!

In Christ,


*** I was sent a copy of Watch for the Light by Plough Publishing in hopes I would share my thoughts about it on my website.***

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Dec 13

Tank, the Deployment Elf / Elf on the Shelf Ideas


Meet Tank. Tank is our elf. What’s with the camo uniform, you ask? Well, he’s our deployment elf. He tattles to Santa AND to Daddy. I made him out of an old uniform of John’s, and a vintage doll head that The Munchkin picked out. He has wire in his arms and legs, which is super helpful. This is the first year I’ve done any kind of elf on the shelf, and I wanted to use it as a way to keep John in the boys’ holiday season. Every so often, maybe twice a week, Tank does a “Daddy-related” thing, and then the rest of the time it’s regular “Elf on the Shelf” type stuff. The boys think it’s awesome, which is awesome.

  • Day One: Tank arrives! He climbed up the sliding glass door with a letter that explained his existence, as well as some dog tags in his ruck sack. The dog tags read “With Love From Dad, U.S. ARMY KUWAIT 2014″ I got these from our FRG a while ago, and have been holding onto them for just this reason. The Munchkin loves his “Daddy Necklace” and wants to wear it every so often.
  • Day Two: Tank gave the boys a book from the Dollar Tree that sort of explains Santa, and another letter that updated them on his reports to Santa and Daddy.
  • Day Three: Tank lead a caravan of toys to the boys room to wake them up.
  • Day Four: Tank hung upside down from the ceiling fan. It took me a while to make the fan allow me to position him so he was facing the boys’ room. I turned the fan on and off until Tank was facing the same way, instead of just taking him down and re-positioning him. Lazy.
  • Day Five: Tank rode Rudolph. This was the first one that The Bean found, and he was SO. EXCITED.
  • Day Six: The minions had enough of Tank’s crap, and taped him up in one of the kitchen cabinets. Thank you, Pinterest.
  • Day Seven: Tank got trapped inside my mason mug. Was it the minions again? Maaaaybe!
  • Day Eight: Tank got stumped on a puzzle. (The boys helped him out in the morning.)
  • Day Nine: Tank decided to sleep in. The boys didn’t find him until The Munchkin was putting his coat on, getting ready for school. He marched over to the little bed, said “NO TANK!” Then SLAPPED TANK OUT OF THE BED, sending the elf and bedding flying everywhere, and continued “NOT SLEEPING! IT’S TIME TO GET UP!” I was dying. If that wasn’t enough, The Bean then calmly walked over, and made up the doll bed. So far, this day has been my favorite “reaction” day.
  • Day Ten: Tank decided to deliver his latest package by hang gliding: A Santa/Daddy report update, as well as a picture of him and John, (I had John take a selfie, and then I photoshoped an “elfie” over it) and another photo of John in his office with holiday decorations up. Tank may have taken credit for the decorations.
  • Day Eleven: Tank opened the package that Grandma W sent us the previous day. The nerve! He couldn’t even wait for us all to wake up?! (Those are his feet sticking out of the box. He dove in head first to get the presents.)
  • Day Twelve: Tank tried to go sledding down the stairs railing. This was pretty cute, but The Bean found it while I was still sleeping. Whoops. I heard noises, and found him munching on the candy canes. I guess I didn’t really think that one through…

For day thirteen, I’m taking it kind of easy, and he’s swinging on a toilet paper roll from the ceiling fan. I have Christmas ornaments that he’s supposed to deliver “from Daddy” but ugh I’m too tired tonight to set something cute up. Basically a reinvention of day four it is, then. At least it’s up high so I’ll be awake for when whoever (whomever?) finds it.

Oh, and if you’re wondering why his name is Tank, it’s because sometimes I’m not very creative, and like to play it off like I’m clever…

Hey Google, what does “Panzer” mean?
pan·zer (ˈpanzər) noun

  1. a German armored vehicle, especially a tank used in WWII.

Yeeeahup. (Except I didn’t have to google it. I know what my last name means, even if I married into it…)

What’s your elf doing these days?

PS: I’ll post  the contest winner to my Sassy Steals $50 gift card giveaway tomorrow! In the meantime, I’m going to bed!

Dec 12

Novel Bloggers: Blogging a book of fiction

Did you know I have another blog? 
Yup, it has been more neglected than this one has, haha! I am trying to get back in the habbit of posting to both on a regular bases. 

My other blog, is called Novel Bloggers, originally when it began I had the idea to make it a blogging book club with multiple contributors, however that did not work out. I have done a few book reviews and other book related posts. 

The new project on Novel Bloggers is a fiction book I have been working on, I will post one chapter at a time. The book is called Amelia's Diaries, read the Prologue and other chapters here!

Dec 12

On The Second Day Of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me…..

Board Games-Series-2nd day

The Settlers of Catan!!!

Amazon Says:

The Settlers of Catan from Mayfair Games is an award-winning strategy game where players collect resources and use them to build roads, settlements and cities on their way to victory.  The board itself is variable, making each game a little different from the next.  Each round of The Settlers of Catan is intended to keep three or four players ages 10 and above engaged for up to 90 minutes.

On the Road to Settlement
The game rules and almanac booklet sets out four pages of guidelines for getting started.  Don’t worry, the rules are straightforward and the four pages include plenty of illustrations.  There’s a starting map that shows a well-balanced set-up for beginners to follow and directions that allow more advanced players to lay out the map of the island at random.  You’ll have to pop the die-cut components of the game out of their cardboard holders before you play your first game.

The almanac portion of the booklet is laid out alphabetically, so while playing you can find answers to specific questions quickly. Useful entries remind you exactly what role pieces like the robber play, how actions like maritime trade work, and how to set up the board or finish the game.

Exploring and Developing Catan
The board consists of 19 terrain hexes surrounded by the ocean.  Each type of terrain produces a different type of resource: brick, wool, ore, grain or lumber.  There’s also a desert hex that produces no resources.  As the game progresses, players use resources to build roads along the edges of these hexes and settlements or cities on the intersections where three hexes meet.  Each player begins the game with two settlements and two roads.

Each player’s roll of the dice causes certain hexes to produce resources, which you collect if you have a settlement on one of them.  On your turn, you’ll use various combinations of the resources you’ve acquired to build new roads and settlements, upgrade settlements to cities, or purchase development cards.  The ability to trade resources with other players adds a new level of strategy and ensures that the game includes lots of interaction between players.  You can also trade without worrying about other players using an unfavorable maritime trade rate.  Elements including a robber piece that lets you steal from other players and a variety of development cards add intrigue to the game.

The objective of The Settlers of Catan is to be the first one who collects 10 victory points.  Each settlement is worth one victory point and each city is worth two victory points.  You can also earn victory points by holding the “Longest Road” card, the “Largest Army” card, or special victory point development cards.

Settlers of Catan-Graphic

Best-Selling Game of the Year
It’s easy to see why The Settlers of Catan has been recognized as a best-selling game of the year in both Germany and the Unite States.  We found this game to be fun and engaging for both children and adults, and the variable nature of the playing field really made us want to play again and again.  When we started pausing to contemplate our opponents’ strategy and factoring the probability of different dice rolls into our moves, the game sometimes took longer than expected, but we were so engrossed we didn’t even notice until it was all over.

Due to the widespread popularity of the original game, several expansion sets (sold separately) are available that allow you to explore new aspects of the game or add more players.  The only downside to this game is that you need to have either three or four players to play, so it’s great that expansion sets are available that will allow you to add players.

What’s in the Box
Six sea frame pieces, 19 terrain hexes, nine harbor pieces, 18 circular number tokens, 126 game cards, 16 cities, 20 settlements, 60 roads, two dice, a robber and a rules and almanac booklet.

The game makers also introduce Catan Junior.  You can read what amazon says about that below:

Product Description

A Catan adventure for fledgling swashbucklers. Explore the Seas!  Catan: Junior introduces a modified playing style of the classic game giving younger players the opportunity to experience the world of Catan.  Designed for players as young as 5 and is a perfect introduction to the Catan series of games for kids and families.  Catan: Junior takes place on a ring of islands where 2 to 4 players build hideouts, and the mysterious Spooky Island, where the Ghost Captain lives.  Each island generates a specific resource: wood, goats, molasses or swords and players can acquire gold.  Each player starts with two pirate hideouts, then builds ships in order to expand their network.  The more hideouts you build, the more resources you may receive.  You use your resources to build ships, hideouts or get help from Coco the Parrot.  Just watch out for the dreaded Ghost Captain.  Be the first player to control seven pirate hideouts and you win the game.  Catan: Junior contains 106 die cut markers representing resources and specials, 4 player cost boards, 1 two sided game board, 28 Pirate hideouts (7 each of 4 colors), 32 Ships (8 each of 4 colors), 1 pirate ghost, 1 die, 1 tray, 1 box, 1 rule book.
If you missed Day One of this series, click HERE.  Also, don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss a day!
In Christ,

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Dec 12

Keeping a Child Safe, Secure and Happy in the Car

Your child might be too young to ask ‘are we there yet?’, but they can still get bored on a long car journey. An unhappy toddler can turn a family outing into a miserable nightmare, and can even be dangerously distracting. Keeping your tot comfortable and secure is key to a safe and enjoyable trip for everyone.

Car Seats
The most important consideration is children’s car seats. With a wide variety of seats on the market,shop around to find one that suits your needs: some types of toddler seats are suitable for children from nine months old, and some can be used until the child is 11. These are fitted in the rear seat of the car either using an adult seat belt or the car's built in anchor points.

If possible, buy a car seat in person, try it out in your car, and sit your child in it. Ask a member of staff for help if you're not sure which one is most suitable. They can have either an integral harness or an impact cushion, so experiment to see which seems more comfortable and secure, and which is easiest for you to operate.

Keeping Kids Entertained
It can be difficult to comfort or entertain a toddler in the rear seat when the adults are sitting together in the front, so take regular breaks to make sure all is well in the back. A toilet, drink and fresh air stop, with the opportunity to stretch small legs, should make the next part of the journey go more easily for everyone.

A board book or cuddly toy may help keep small children busy in the back, but be aware that it will probably be dropped into the foot-well, and you may be expected to retrieve it immediately, which can be inconvenient on the motorway. Songs or stories on CD or MP3 can help a journey pass more pleasantly, and even listening to the radio can provide a soothing background that might encourage sleep.

Finally, if it's practical to do so, try driving at night. With less traffic on the roads, you'll reach your destination more quickly, and your child may well sleep through the journey, or at least find it so exciting and different that they stay happy. He or she can travel in pyjamas, ready to be popped into bed at journey's end.

Image by Erik Przekop, used under the Creative Commons license. 

Dec 12

On the First Day of Christmas My True Love Gave To Me…..

Board Games-Series

Welcome to my “12 Days of Christmas” series.  Come join me each day as I share with you my Twelve Days of Christmas—-BOARDGAMES Edition!!!  Each day I will be highlighting boardgames for you all!  First let’s talk about why boardgames are a MUST for every family. :)

  1. Kids NEED to spend time with you- A child wants/needs/craves spending time with you.  Quality time where you can talk and connect.  Times without judgement and just fun interaction.  When you set aside time to play a board game with your child, you’re making memories and moments that will last a lifetime.
  2. Educational!!!  As a Homeschool mom THIS is huge!  I love being able to take fun times of bonding and also make them educational!  So many skills are learned from board games from social to intellectual!  Some of those include letter recognition, number recognition, color recognition, visual perception, hand-eye coordination, dexterity, strategy, taking turns, learning to lose gracefully and much much more!

As a homeschool mom of 3 very different personality boys, I am so thankful for our family game nights.  I can hardly wait until hubby comes back to join in our family game nights again!  This is one way that we use to connect boys who are so very different, as well as mom and dad.  So I hope you come back each day and join us as we share our top picks!!!

On the 1st day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…..TICKET TO RIDE

Ticket to Ride-Graphic

The Ticket To Ride board game is a cross-country train adventure that celebrates Fogg’s impetuous and lucrative gamble to travel “Around the World in 80 Days” by proposing a new wager.  The stake is a $1 million prize in this winner-takes-all competition.  The objective of this train board game is to see who can travel by rail to the most cities in North America in just seven days.  The Ticket To Ride game can be played by two to five players.  There are 225 colored train cars and players have to collect cards that allow them to use the different railway routes connecting the cities across the USA.   Ticket To Ride board game comes complete with a detailed board, game cards, help cards, rules, train miniatures and more. One thing that is so special about this particular game, it is a wonderful choice for adults as well as kids.

Here is a great video review:

This would make a wonderful Christmas gift! Enjoy!!!

In Christ,


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Dec 09

Parenting UnChained {Review}

Parenting UnChained

I recently had the honor of reviewing FAMILY TOOLBOX from the National Center for Biblical Parenting (NCBP).  When I was asked to join the NCBP launch team for Parenting UnChained: Overcoming the Ten Deceptions That Shackle Christian Parents, I could hardly contain my excitement!  This book is definitely a resource I can use with parenting my kiddos.

About the Book:

In Parenting Unchained – Overcoming the Ten Deceptions that Shackle Christian Parents, Dr. James D. Dempsey reveals the ten most destructive lies about parenting. He writes from the heart about the way these lies infected his own parenting, and illuminates the Bible’s powerful truths that counter each lie. Both Biblical and practical, each section ends with home activities to help parents take immediate steps to develop their kids’ character–character that lasts when they leave home.

The last chapters focus on the most important adjustments parents must make with teenagers to prepare them for independence. Weaving humor into strong warnings, Parenting Unchained points out the hazards that derail the parenting journey.

How many of us have been caught in the trap of Satan. You know what I am talking about, where more than anything you want to raise your kids up in a Godly home yet you end up parenting without God at all.  I know from experience in my parenting, especially parenting a child who has ADHD/Aspergers, that if you don’t have God front and center in all our parenting it is not going to work. Trust me. I know!

So many times I hear parents say that they wish God had written a parenting guide-book.  That they wish God would just tell them what to do. However, the truth is, he has. He has given us his unfallable word in his HOLY Book—The Bible. We just have to trust him to guide us. Some times that is easier said then done.  If we sit back and learn from Christ, we can apply those lessons to our life, our parenting!

In Parenting UnChained, Dr. James Dempsey, the author discusses the following deceptions (pgs 11-13):

  • Deception 1: It’s All About Your Kids; Your Character Doesn’t Matter. But God says your character is the foundation of your parenting.
  • Deception 2: You’re Capable; You can do this. But God didn’t intend for parenting to be done apart from Him. You need the wisdom found in His word.
  • Deception 3: God Only Cares About Rules. This is a lie from Satan. He spread this lie because he is the author of confusion. Parenting in God’s model requires a love relationship.
  • Deception 4: You can Be a Parent Without Investing Much Time. This is another lie from Satan. He wants you to believe that you just don’t have to invest much time in your children. The truth however is that God-modeling parents show life and a lot of time with their children.
  • Deception 5: Teaching the Right Information Is Enough. Satan wants you to believe that as long as you teach your children the right information that is enough. However, God modeled what he taught.
  • Deception 6: Why and How you Discipline Don’t Matter—Just make them obey! Satan says that why and how we discipline do not matter, so long as we make them obey! However, God disciplined His children in ways that touched the heart. WOW, this is one I needed to hear!!!!
  • Deception 7: You don’t Need to Talk About Your Faith.  Another lie from Satan is a growing trend nowadays. That you don’t have to talk about your faith. God however taught the truth directly and diligently.
  • Deception 8: Children Should Choose Their Life Course (You don’t need to help them). Satan says that children should choose what to do with their lives; therefore, you don’t need to help them see their mission. God gave His children a mission and prepared them for it.
  • Deception 9: It’s All About Consistency (You Don’t Need To Adapt). Satan says that good parenting is all about consistency! WOW if I had a dollar every time I heard that or read it. God though adapted his methods and relationship with his children.
  • Deception 10: Life Should Be Easy. Satan has convinced parents that life should be easy for their children. This is a damaging lie! God sends His children into a hostile world with a life-or-death mission.

On page 15 as I was reading down the page a sentence caught my eye.  “Parents don’t consciously ignore their sins, but in the heat of the parenting battle, they find it easier to see their kids’ problems then to see their own.” OUCH! WOW!!! That is so true. I know that this has happened to me especially with Bookworm. He is the ultimate strong-willed child. It is so easy to get focused on another’s sin that you just don’t get your sinning in the process!

As I continued to read and Neil’s birth was presented, I was actually moved to tears. I could so relate to a similar situation when Nemo was born.  Although a different diagnosis, I can imagine what the emotions were of mom who was holding down the home front.

On page 21 this quote jumped out at me. ” When we so treasure a sin (we regard it) that we ignore God’s plan, we undermine the relationship of prayer. Because I treasured my right to set my own rules, I had ignored God and He stopped hearing me—a classic communication breakdown.”

UGH, how many times have we done the same thing?  Ignored God’s plan?

Page 27, ” While we can’t watch God life out a traditional role as parent, the Bible allows us to see God act as a parent in two separate situations: 1) The God of the Old Testament parents the nation of Israel, and 2) Jesus parents a band of followers, His disciples. Both interactions illustrated how God parented His children-stubborn, disobedient, thick-headed children.”

I could list quote after quote from this wonderful book. I was really impressed with it. I am so impressed that I can’t wait until Clay comes home again. When he does I am going to see if I can get him to go through the book again with me. Since he is attending seminary and this book is not just full of parenting advice, it is full of  Godly advice, it would be a wonderful resource to add to his library.

I would highly recommend this parenting book for all parents and those who work with children in any capacity! Great insight. I give it a 5/5!!!

Right now it is on sale on amazon click the picture below to check it out!

In Christ,


Disclaimer for Parenting UnChained

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Dec 08

Tiny Swag: Hipster Bean


Aaahhh I love dressing the boys up like little hipsters! It cracks me up. Doesn’t The Bean look so cute?! He is hard to photograph though, let me tell you. With The Munchkin, the hard part is getting him to look at the camera, and with The Bean, it’s getting him to hold still! The boy won’t stop moving! These pictures were grabbed while I was walking backwards, and he was chasing me around the deck. You do what you gotta do, right?


I love the picture on the left. He’s not smiling, but I feel like it’s such a MODEL picture, right? Also, can someone point me in the direction of a tutorial on taking pictures of your kids wile they’re wearing sunglasses without YOU showing up in the reflection?! Thanks.

I got this shirt at a thrift store for $.99. I love it, but The Bean isn’t too thrilled with the sleeves needing to be rolled up. This half way rolled up thing ended up being our compromise. The sunglasses were sent to us as part of our Instagram brand-ambassadorship with Subsidy Shades.


Oh, my Bean. Always laughing. <3

Outfit Details:
Beanie – Walmart
Sunglasses – c/o Subsidy Shades
Shirt – Joe Fresh
Skinnies – OshKosh B’gosh
Shoes – DC Shoes

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Dec 08

Make Your Voice Heard in AMFAS Assessment

Your friends at American Military Families Autism Support are asking ...

Dec 08

Where Dreams Come True – Disney Cruise

  For Flyboy's R & R we had originally thought we would take the kids to Disney World, but the more I thought about it, the more stressful it sounded rather than 'rest and relaxation'. Flyboy had been wanting to take a cruise forever(he had never been on one) so, why not a Disney cruise? Best of both worlds?

All and all it was a success! There was a storm the first night and James was sea sick the next morning. Poor guy! He threw up in the Oceaneer Club and unfortunately had to wait 24 hours and be cleared by the medical center before he was allowed to go back to the club. It was wet and rainy that first day in Nassau and thankfully we had Oma with us(who had already been to Nassau) and stayed with the boys on the boat so Shayne, Daddy and I could explore! THANK YOU, OMA!

The ship was beautiful! It was decorated very tastefully..... I will say this was the only 'Disney World-I'm five years old again' moment I had when I saw the princess' downstairs... Well, I take that back... every time I saw Mickey, I felt like that too!
Oceaneer Lab

Oceaneer Club- Both of the boys loved the clubs! They had these cool security bracelets that they wore that had to be scanned before they could go in or out. It was great for Eli because a note would pop up every time they scanned his bracelet and give them all the information they needed to know about Eli. It was SO nice not to have to explain to them every time we took him- They could just read it!

Right before we docked the boat!

Our room was fantastic! The sofa turned into bunk beds that the boys loved and not to mention the amazing port window! Plus every Disney movie you could think of on the TV!


Dec 08

Modest Monday: Modesty, Military, and Korea

Korea Graphic-2

Welcome back to our tour of Korea!  If you haven’t been around for this series, no worries!  You can read the first two HERE and HERE.

My husband is considered a Hard Rock Cafe connoisseur of sorts.  It is a personal goal of his to visit every HRC in the world.  When we plan our vacations or our military moves across country, he gives me the freedom to plot destinations the boys and I would enjoy.  However, his only request is that we visit at least one new HRC along the way.  We all enjoy visiting the Hard Rock Cafes and though my husband no longer drinks alcoholic beverages, he still buys the hurricane souvenir glass.  He proudly displays his collection for all who enter our home.  My husband had previously visited the Hard Rock Cafe Seoul in 2002, but it closed since then and reopened in September of this year.  Prior to my arrival, hubby found the location of the new HRC.  While I was visiting him in Korea, we headed out to Lotte World with a mission—-Find the Hard Rock Cafe!

Korea-Hard Rock Cafe Seoul

The subway system is the cheapest and often the quickest way to travel in Korea.  I was a little nervous because I was afraid of getting lost somewhere and not being able to find our way back.  The only experience I had on the subway system was during our vacation to New York when we visited Yankee Stadium.  But here in Korea, we had to change trains at least once in order to arrive at our destination.  Not only that, have you tried pronouncing some of the city names? LOL.  To get an idea, here is a picture of the subway map my husband hung on the wall in his apartment.

Seoul Korea Train Station Map

Here is a picture of me during one of my many experiences on the train.

Korea-Train Station-4

When my husband was stationed in Korea the first time, he was stationed close to the DMZ.  During that time, he had three methods of transportation – Walk, Taxi, or Bus.  He had very little experience with the Korean subway system.  When he arrived to Korea during this tour, he was assigned to an Army base in Seoul.  One of the first things he did was get himself familiar with the subway system.  He is one to throw caution to the wind so it didn’t take him long to figure it out.  Also, because he didn’t ship his truck to Korea, and because he is too much of a penny pincher to pay for a taxi, he looked forward to riding the train.  As I mentioned before, the train is the primary mode of transportation in Korea.  Koreans also drive, but traffic is nothing less than HORRIBLE!  Imagine a country the size of the state of Indiana with a population a that is 8 times greater.  Yes! Eight times greater!  That is what the traffic is like in Korea…lol.  We also considered renting a car a few times but the traffic always deterred us.  We were left with walking, taking a cab, riding a bus, or riding the train.

The train in Korea is much different than it is back in the states.  While it is VERY crowded, people are not loud and obnoxious.  Koreans are actually pretty calm and tend to stay extremely quiet.  I guess it helps that 99% of Koreans are CONSTANTLY on their phones.  Seriously, they walk and do not look up!  They will run into you watching, reading or texting on their cell phones.  My husband says it’s worse than walking through the aisles of Walmart and I believe him..LOL!

Korea-Train Station

We finally made it Lotte World and looked around.  If you’re wondering what Lotte World is you can read more about that HERE.  There are actually numerous Lotte Worlds in Korea, but this particular one was MASSIVE!!  This particular Lotte World is part of the train station.  Like all construction projects in Korea, everything is built up.  This Lotte World was the size of a city block and and 8-stories high, not including the two lower level floors where the trains and underground walkways are located.  I thoroughly enjoyed walking around and looking in the various stores.  How many women don’t enjoy massive malls with many shops?  LOL!



Eventually we found the Hard Rock Cafe nestled in the corner on the top floor in this massive building.  The journey was well worth it as we ate lunch!  YAY!

Korea-Hard Rock Cafe-3

Korea-Hard Rock Cafe-2

Before my husband left the states for Korea, the boys gave Daddy a list of their “needs” for him to find.  After he got settled, he began researching toy stores in Korea.  Either by chance or his extensive researching capabilities, he found a list of four legitimate Toys R Us stores.  While at Lotte World, he took me to the first Toys R Us store he found.  I walked around the store, taking it all in, looking at toys and Lego sets our boys would like.  I will share pictures of this experience in a different post.  Stay tuned!

Down at the bottom of the hill from Clay’s apartment is where heaven on earth is hidden.  Seriously.


At any given moment throughout the day, there is a line wrapped all the way around the side walk.  However, this did not deter my desire for these cinnamon covered, tastebud tantalizing, addictive snacks.  Don’t tell my husband, but I visited this wonderful little stand once or twice while he was at work, too.  Shhhhh!  One particular night the wind was blowing so hard we could hear it shake the windows.  Of course I happened to be craving a churro.  My hubby ran (literally) all the way down to the bottom of the hill and back with a churro in a cup of ice cream!  They were so good!

Korea-Coco-Nilla Swirl

My husband loves this place.  It’s located fairly close to the churro stand.  They offer a wide variety of ice cream but this is his favorite!  It is a Choco-Vanilla Swirl.  He calls this “Equal Opportunity Ice Cream.”  LOL!  Koreans take pleasure in food presentation and ice cream is no different.  I thought his ice cream cone was pretty cute!  We posted this picture on Facebook and my mom showed the boys.  They were not happy looking at Daddy’s cute treat!  LOL!

Vatos.  Enough said.  The food was amazing!  This is a little Mexican restaurant hidden on a small hill not very far from Clay’s apartment.  Are you noticing a trend here?  All the great restaurants and snack bars are close to his apartment?  You can read more about this restaurant HERE.  I had the pleasure of eating here twice.  The first time we went alone and the second time we went with friends.  I got the same thing each time.  What can I say?  I am a creature of habit!  Actually, I just get hooked on certain foods I really enjoy.  My husband says I need to add more variety to my life.  LOL!  It was SOOOOOO good though! I kinda wish I could have that again soon!

Korea-Votas- Itaewon

I love attending church.  I love attending church with Clay even more!  There is something so blessed about heading out to Sunday services together as a family.  I had been craving going to church with Clay so bad!  I missed everything about it.  Clay found a church, an International Southern Baptist Church when he arrived in Korea.  Because of his hectic work schedule and mission responsibilities, he’s not able to attend every Sunday, but goes every chance he gets.  He was scheduled to work that day but planned ahead for another Soldier to cover his for him.  Thankfully he works with some pretty awesome people who covered down for him a lot while I was there.  Several times they gave him time off so that we could do things together without him taking leave. Clay met me at the gate and we walked to church together.  My heart was just so happy to finally be able to attend church services together again!

Korea-Seoul International Baptist Church

Korea-Seoul International Baptist Church-2

Korea-Seoul International Baptist Church-3

One of our other excursions was a trip to Osan Air Force Base.  We took a bus that runs from one military installation to the next and took in quite a bit of shopping.  Osan AFB has a larger Military Exchange (like a Walmart minus the groceries), but right off the base is a ton of shopping!  This is where a lot of military go to get amazing deals!  Honestly, this was a great experience for me and I’m glad my husband planned this trip.  When I would walk in somewhere they would quote Clay one price and then quote me a lower one.  It was pretty funny!  We got a lot of amazing deals that I will reveal in a later post. :)

Here are some pictures of our time there AND what I wore.

Korea-Osan Air Base-Chili's










So what did I wear?

Headband: Lilla Rose! Hey, Lilla Rose goes to Korea! :)

Blue and White Checked Blouse: Christopher & Banks

Polka-Dot-Sweater: Christopher & Banks

Skirt: Had MacKenzie Apparel

I had on blue tights and boot socks

Boots: Bear Claw from the Exchange. I had a limited amount of suitcase space SO I had to take minimal shoes and make them work with multiple outfits.

Thank you so much for continuing to join me on my journey through Korea!  If you want to make sure you don’t miss a post, go to the top and subscribe.  Remember to verify the subscription in your email.

In Christ,


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Dec 07

Kids Bibles and Devotionals at Family Christian Bookstore

Family Christian: When you shop, you give:  100% of our profits are donated to Christian Charities

God has given me and my husband a huge responsibility in raising our children.  It is an awesome responsibility that we both take seriously.  From the time my boy were in the womb punching and kicking me, they were read the Word of God.  We would read directly from the Bible or read daily devotionals.  We also ensured we had a variety of Children’s Bibles, children’s devotionals, and resources in our library to help train them in the way they should go.  At an early age, we began teaching our children the importance of devotional time with the Lord together as a family and by themselves.  My kiddos began “reading” from these devotionals and stories by looking at the pictures as my husband or I would read it to them.  The Children’s Bibles grow with them and so do the devotionals.  That is probably one reason we also have so many Children’s Bibles, devotionals and story books.  Family Christian has always been our go to place for Children’s Bibles and Devotionals.  I also purchased Bibles and Devotionals for me and my husband from there.  In fact, the Bibles and Devotionals I hand out to children at church camps are bought here because they’re so affordable!

On Sale Now at!

Jesus Calling by Sarah Young 365 Devotions for Kids

Have you checked out the Children’s section at Family Christian?  If you are looking for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, graduation gifts, or gifts for any occasion, check them out for that perfect gift!

Who doesn’t like a good sale?  Currently, Family Christian is having a sale on their children’s Bible’s and devotionals.   Don’t miss out this is  just in time for your Christmas shopping!

In Christ,




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Dec 07

NIV Bibles ON SALE at Family Christian Bookstore!!!

Family Christian: When you shop, you give:  100% of our profits are donated to Christian Charities

Are you looking for a children’s Bible that is easy to read and understand?  If so, I recommend the NIV Bibles from Family Christian Bookstores!  The NIV is an excellent version for children, especially the young readers.  This version replaces all the old language found in the KJV and replaces them with words of the same or similar definitions that children can easily read and comprehend.  The NIV is actually one of the most read and most trusted Bibles available.  My boys enjoy reading their NIV Bibles.

We look to encourage our children to read their Bible.  More so, we desire for our children to want to read their Bible on their own.  However, it is difficult for children to develop that desire when they become frustrated and discouraged by words they may not understand.  We ran into this problem with my middle son, Turtle.  We expected Turtle to follow in the footsteps of his older brother and study the KJV, but this was not the case.  Turtle struggled with the words, struggled with the comprehension of the scriptures and became discouraged.  When I switched him to NIV, his eyes lit up and he began reading the Bible without me encouraging him.  That is what it is all about folks!  Training our kids up in the way they should go and encouraging our kids to seek a relationship with Christ!

Have you looked at the wonderful selection of NIV Bibles that Family Christian Bookstores offer?  They truly have a wonderful selection that I am sure your children will adore.  I have purchased all of my boys NIV Bibles from Family Christian Bookstores.

My oldest son has now moved up into a Teen Quest Bible.

The Quest NIV Bible

My middle son has a Child’s Quest Bible.

The Quest NIV for Youth

My youngest son has the NIV Adventure Bible.  He got this Bible after he began reading.

NIV Adventure Bible


NIV Adventure Bible-2

There are many NIV Bibles to pick from. You have many selections for ladies, men, singles, couples, kids of all ages, and the list goes on. I am personally wanting this next one….someone pass it on to my hubby! lol

Homeschool Mom Bible

What can be a better gift for Christmas, birthday, graduation or any occasion than a Bible?  Well, maybe a Bible that is personalized and gift wrapped! Click HERE to go directly to Family Christian Bookstore’s NIV Bible sale!!! Find that perfect gift for your loved on.

So much on sale always at

In Christ,



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Dec 07

Decorating Your Home With Willow Tree from Family Christian Bookstores !

My Willow Tree-2

My collection of Willow Tree began many years ago as I literally drooled over my friend’s, Cara, Willow Tree Nativity set!  I was taken back by the beauty put into each piece.  Although I didn’t have the money for the entire set at the time, it didn’t keep me from browsing through the aisles at Family Christian Bookstores and adoring each Willow Tree figure.  I was like a lion tracking my prey as I waited for the sales….LOL.

Four years later, my hubby and my mom surprised me with my very own Willow Tree Nativity set!  My days of drooling in the Family Christian Bookstores was finally over!  Not only do I own the Nativity set, but I also own several other pieces my husband has bought me throughout the years.  Each Willow Tree figure represents a piece of our life together.  Have you thought about using Willow Tree to tell your story?

Willow Tree: Tree Topper

If you are like the lion I was, stalking the sales in Family Christian Bookstores, stalk no further.  Right now, Family Christian has some amazing deals going on. Check out the landing page for Willow Tree ! :)

Willow Tree: The Nativity

In Christ,



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Dec 07

Susie’s Hope DVD {Review & Giveaway)

Susie's Hope-2

I am an animal lover at heart.  When I visit an Animal Shelter I want to take them ALL home with me.  When I was asked to review this film, I jumped at the chance!

So what exactly is Susie’s Hope?

Dove Family Reviews Say:


A survivor of a pit bull attack, Donna Lawrence, adopts a bit bull-mix puppy, Susie, which has been beaten, set on fire, and left for dead. Together, they learn to heal, love, and forgive as they lead a historic effort to seek justice and protection for all animals.

Dove Review

In this day and age there are many evil people in the world that are abusive to animals and to others. “Susie’s Hope” is a movie based on a true story that brings awareness to the terrible act of animal abuse and what effects it can have on the people who come into contact with that animal.

Donna Lawrence is a woman who loves animals and when she finds a pit bull tied up next door without water and food she tries to help it. But unfortunately this dog has been abused and turns on her, causing her to lose her unborn child and almost her life. Donna does not understand why God let her survive.During her recovery, she and a friend discover a Pit Bull mixed pup in a park that is so abused, at first they think it is dead. But when the small pup licks Donna’s hand, she is determined to help it. This very injured puppy and the loving woman experience recoveries together which has a life-changing effect on both of them.This is a very dramatic tale that will warm your heart. It is one of emotional upheaval, forgiveness and awareness of the terrible problems with animal abuse. We award this movie the Dove “Family- Approved” Seal for ages 12+ due to some graphic scenes that may frighten younger children.

Susie's Hope
So what did I think?
I am a sucker for a good drama like “The Notebook.”  If you have watched and enjoyed that film, you will also enjoy Susie’s Hope.  It is very well written and great for families with kids aged 12+.  The fact this movie was based on a true story about the love shared between humans and their pets made it that more enjoyable.  Through the true story of Susie’s Hope, a law was passed in North Carolina called through this story “Susie’s Law.”   Because of this law, harsher punishments are now in place to protect animals from abuse and cruelty.  I warn you that this movie hits on topics of animal abuse and cruelty that are sure to bring tears.  Grab a box of tissues, curl up on the couch and enjoy this faith-based film sure to make you love on your pet.  I give Susie’s Hope a 5/5!!
Here is the Trailer:

You can buy a copy of Susie’s Hope below:

Also, I am blessed to be able to offer a giveaway for this DVD!

In Christ,

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Dec 06

“The Story” Devotional ON SALE at Family Christian Bookstores!!!

The Story Devotional

What is my role in God’s story?  What is my purpose in life?  When will God reveal His purpose for my life?  Have you ever asked yourself these questions and many more?  If you have, you’re not alone.  Wouldn’t life be much easier if we were given an instruction manual?  Wouldn’t our struggles become less stressful if we were given a detailed timeline (i.e. on this day, expect this outcome)?  We have the greatest “instruction manual” ever written in the Bible.  God’s Word is our ultimate guide to life.  Sometimes, as we’re struggling with those curve balls life likes to throw, we need a little nudge to find those answers.

The Story-Devotional is a companion to the very popular “The Story” product line.  This is a wonderful resource for Christians to help connect on a more meaningful level with our Lord and Savior.  This wonderful resource also gives us the nudge we sometimes need to dive in and learn what our roles are in God’s perfect plan.

Included in this devotional are 365 daily scripture readings for every day of the year.  The devotions are small enough for all of us to manage our hectic schedules around; yet, they’re laced with inspiration and God’s Words to nudge us toward finding answers in the Bible.

I encourage you to check out The Story-Devotional available now at Family Christian Bookstores!  Still looking for a Christmas gift for a family member, friend, neighbor or co-worker?  This devotional is on sale now for ONLY $5.00!!! There is a limit of (10) per customer. What a deal though! Would make excellent Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers!

In Christ,



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Dec 05

iDisciple Mobile App Review/Support Our Troops with Military Biblestick

iDisciple graphic

iDisciple Mobile App and Family Christian GIVEAWAY

Let’s face it, we are busy bees now-a-days.  The invention of smart devices such a the iPhone have provided us with the ability to keep up with our busy lives.  For example, my iPhone, along with the numerous apps, allows me to manage my blog, pay bills, check emails, take pictures, record videos, update social media sites, remain in contact with friends and loved ones, and, most importantly, read the Bible.  It is amazing that I can do all of this with the swipe of my finger!

Approximately one year ago, iDisciple was released.  iDisciple is a free App available to download to your iPhone, iPad and even your Android device.  What on earth would you need with another app on your smart device?  Better yet, why would you need another Bible app?  What can iDisciple provide for you that is not already provided through your other apps?

Those are some great questions you may have been asking yourself.  Allow me to explain the reason behind developing this App and also its mission.  iDisciple is a ministry brought to you by Family Christian Bookstores.  The purpose of this app is similar to the purpose of iTunes — give the user a wide variety of content located in one spot.  Also, because this App is a ministry of Family Christian Bookstores, 100% of the profits are donated to various Christian ministries and causes!

Why should I add iDisciple to my smart device resources?  Using the app provides you with the freedom and access to a wide variety of Christian resources at the touch of a finger!  The iDisciple app provides the user with sermons by well-known Pastors/Speakers, Devotionals, Podcasts, Bible Studies and even music!!!  iDisciple has 30,000+ Bible Studies, Sermons, Blog posts, Podcasts and music in ONE app!  iDisciple on your tablet gives you access to inspirational content like sermons, eBooks, and an in-app Bible, while relaxing at home or when you’re on the go!  On your personal computer or laptop, open any popular browser and you’re ready to access Christian content personalized just for you. Available on mobile web too!  Download the app on your phone and watch, read, or listen to popular Christian leaders while you’re on the go.

Friends, I have discussed the importance of surrounding ourselves with good, clean, edifying entertainment and content.  This app allows me to listen to my favorite Christian artists.  This app also allows me to listen to my favorite speakers and Bible Study facilitators on my iPhone anywhere!  I have nothing but great things to say about this app.

iDisciple also provides a free version of this app.  Keep in mind that the free version offers only basic features, although you will still have access to the many sermons and devotions.  However, if you would like to have unlimited access to all of your favorite content, including music, that will cost only $4.99 a month!  WAIT!!!! Don’t stop reading just yet!!!! LOL!  I understand we sometimes have difficulty in talking ourselves into paying for an app.  I get it.  If I may, allow me to ask how many cups of coffee do you purchase a week?  What about soda?  Candy?  Fast food?  Games on your smart devices?  Obviously those are rhetorical questions and it’s honestly none of my business what you do with your hard-earned money.  All I’m saying is that this is such a wonderful investment.  You’re not just investing in the valuable resources provided by this app.  You’re also investing in spiritual growth and development in not only yourself, but also those around you and those supported by the proceeds from this app.

So what do you get for $4.99?  First, you must set up your profile.  You will be asked a series of brief questions that will be used to personalize your account.  Once your account is set up, you will receive suggestions based on your interests.

  • Enjoy the world’s largest collection of life-changing content
  • Personalized and delivered to you daily
  • Daily devotionals, sermons and more
  • Access to over 100,000 pieces of content from more than 200 top Christian authors & speakers

You can also get premium content from greats like Andy Stanley and Anne Graham Lotz.

If you’re still not convinced this app is for you, here is a WONDERFUL Vlog review!!!

I also want to share something that is near and dear to my heart.  You all know that I am a military wife.  Starting December 5th, with every purchase of an iDisciple app, Family Christian Stores will GIFT Military Service Members with a subscription to iDisciple AND a Military Bible Stick from Faith Comes by Hearing.  The Bible stick is military approved AND can be worn while in uniform!!!  Thousands of Soldiers have asked for this and are on the waiting list, but you can help by purchasing a subscription to iDisciple.  I read posts all the time asking how we can support the troops.  Friends, this is one way that you can help give back to our military service members who have sacrificed SO much for us.  If you don’t want iDisciple for yourself, it can be a perfect gift by purchasing a membership for a family member or friend.

I am also thrilled to offer you a chance to win a $25 Family Christian Bookstore Appreciation Certificate!  Who wants some “free money?”  Click below to enter and remember our troops this Christmas and give those who have waited so long a Military Biblestick with a subscription to iDisciple.

In Christ,


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